Editing a Note

Editing a Note

There are many ways you can edit a note to keep it organized and easily searchable.

To edit a note, start by tapping the edit icon.

Change the note title

When you capture a note, your THINKERS App will auto-create a note title.

You can rename your note by tapping the top line of the the edit screen and typing in a new note title.

Make note sharable

Sliding the toggle button in Public Note will generate a unique URL for the note that can be viewed on the web.

If you wish to make a note private and not available on the web, slide the green toggle button to the left.

Move your note to a new folder

Choose the folder to move it to by tapping the right arrow next to the folder option. You will be able to move your note into a regular folder or a subfolder.

Add tags to your note

Tap the arrow to the right of the Tags box.

A new window will appear allowing you to select and add tags.
To add a tag, tap the + in the upper right
To delete a tag, swipe left on the tag.
To edit a tag, swipe left on the tag and choose edit.

Tap Update to confirm and return to the previous screen.

Edit the note description

Below the note tags, you can change or add a description for each note. The THINKERS App automatically creates one for your reference. Tap under the Note Description title and start typing.

Remove the location associated with your note

This will be provided in a future update.

Edit the searchable text

This will be provided in a future update.

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