How to update the App

How to update the App

Visit the App Store for the latest updates.

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    • Overview of the main app screen

      On the main screen you'll find:       Your search bar for locating specific notes or ideas       Your folders (subfolders can be found in the INBOX (Main) folder)       Your recent images       Notes by location if you have location enabled       ...
    • Account Information

      Your account information is at the top of your settings screen Change your contact details Under settings, you can update your contact details including your account image. Upgrade your Account The THINKERS Plus upgrade gives you everything you need ...
    • Editing a Note

      There are many ways you can edit a note to keep it organized and easily searchable. To edit a note, start by tapping the edit icon. Change the note title When you capture a note, your THINKERS App will auto-create a note title. You can rename your ...
    • Moving a Folder

      From the main note screen, tap and hold the folder. Choose Move and pick the new folder location. Tap update to complete the move.
    • Folder Options

      Folders can be customized and organized to track all of your notes. Your inbox Your inbox is the main folder where your notes are stored until they are organized into a different folder. Customize a folder You can change the color or image of a ...