What makes this a smart notebook?

What makes this a smart notebook?

A smart notebook is specifically designed to make it easy to capture and organize pages with a mobile app.

Unlike other smart notebooks on the market, the THINKERS Notebook uses machine learning technology to automatically detect handwriting on the page and convert this text into useful information with the app.

You won't find a QR Code on our notebook pages!

Instead, when you write out a title at the top of the page (or even add your own #hashtags), we use that as the title of your note.

Even better, we automatically convert your handwriting into searchable text.

Now that is smart :)
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    • Is this notebook environmentally friendly?

      Yes! Like you, we care about the environment and our impact on it. The THINKERS Notebook is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The paper is from sustainably managed forests in Europe. The printing uses plant-oil based colors. The cover is ...
    • How is this different from a Rocketbook?

      The THINKERS Notebook is a premium smart notebook solution that works with any type of pen or pencil and uses an intelligent app with features that go far beyond scanning notebook pages. For a detailed comparison, please see our blog post THINKERS ...
    • Will this notebook help me think better?

      We do believe that the THINKERS Notebook will help you become better at practicing the art of thinking. Obviously we can't vouch for the future value of the ideas you're inspired to come up with once you get and use the THINKERS Notebook, but we do ...
    • Can I order the previous disc-bound notebook?

      The previous version of the THINKERS Notebook has limited availability. If you need a refill or would like to re-order, please contact support@thinkersnotebook.com and we will send you a link to purchase. Note: We are working on the next version of ...
    • Do I have to use a special pen?

      No. The THINKERS Notebook works with any type of pen or pencil including ball-point, roller ball, and fountain pens.